About Us

Our Mission
To provide the best real estate value through the process of delivering exceptional landscape design to your property

Our Company
Richardson Landscape Inc. is one of the top Dallas Landscape Design Companies. Since 1991 they have provided beauty to private homes and selected subdivisions, increasing the value of real estate through a comprehensive approach of architecture and landscape design.

Felix Diaz
Founder – President
Since 1986, Felix Diaz has provided landscape design to hundreds of satisfied customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

He founded Richardson Landscape in 1991, when he started a small landscape business in the Richardson area. Through hard work and a passion for excellence, the word got around, neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, and the small Richardson Landscape company continued to grow.

Today, Richardson Landscape has hundreds of satisfied customers and multiple landscaping crews that cover the metropolitan area.

Lino Diaz
Lino Diaz – the younger brother of Felix Diaz – is an accomplished landscape designer. His vision for beauty, his eye for designing and placing the right colours, folliage, bushes, trees, his nack for the perennials and annuals combinations makes the end result a portrait of beauty.